More than just knowledge - solutions that work and support you and your company.


We collaboratively work with independent professionals with an impressive depth of industry, process, information and technology experience.  

Resources leveraged by EA LLC individually provide more than 20 years of industry/consulting experience in manufacturing, insurance, finance, accounting, software solution implementation, business process implementation and data management.  We reduce wasteful spending on activities that are not related to project goals.

Additional specialties are provided in various aspects of the sales cycle: marketing, sales, contracts, fulfillment, service and analytics related to product promotions, channel sales and fleet management.

Our solutions work with you to develop what you need.  Solutions are fluid and can quickly be tailored to change as the project dictates.  

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Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust With Your Business

Equity Alliance LLC specializes in the delivery of service solutions in a variety of business processes. Together with clients, we combine expertise and make those processes work more efficient.

EA LLC provides solutions that are typically more practical and just as important, more cost effective than many competitors.  Our solutions are built on criteria that is developed closely with clients.  This allows us to provide a viable, yet affordable, option compared to larger firms that have significantly greater overhead costs and less effective resourcing.

Ultimately, our model leads to increased client value per dollar spent.

About Us

Mark Sarros

Mark has more than 20 years of consulting experience in performance management, cost management, and helping clients improve their overall business productivity and profitability. He has designed and implemented successful programs at clients in business hardware and software, automotive, consumer electronics, food service, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, utility, and general manufacturing industries. 

Mark helps give back to the local community by volunteering in several community organizations such as local park programs, teen ministry and parish events. 




tangible results.        sustainable value.®

Kimberly Sarros

Kimberly has more than 20 years experience with leadership in financial reporting and related disclosure compliance, data analytics and merger analysis in both publicly traded and private companies.  She has designed innovative projects in financial reporting and internal control frameworks for financial instirutions, non-profit entities and manufacturing companies.  

​Kim volunteers in several community service projects including local school committees, Cub Scouting and parish events.

EA LLC Partners

Our relationships with other experienced partners offer expertise in:

  • Retail Data Promotion analytics
  • Enterprise Architecture, providing a focus on High Level Prioritization, Proposal Creation, and Project Initiation processes.  
  • Strategic MDM/CRM alignment programs 
  • MDM Data Governance standards and practices, and developing guiding principles are all areas that can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.